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We feel connected with the tenants we work for and with the work we do. We like to know how our clients feel about the procedure.


Whether it’ s about a termination of the rental contract, the rent price itself or problems with maintenance, we are the expert in the field of rental law.


Frently gives legal advice without the high costs that usually accompany a legal problem. An appointment is always free and without any obligations.


Our staff is passionate about our profession and therefore working is no chore, but something that gives us great pleasure.

Result oriented

We actively strive to achieve concrete results and/or goals. We don’t give up at when we hit a bump in the road and we keep focused on our line of work


Unfortunately some landlords are not willing to cooperate to find a solution. Nevertheless we won't stop unless we have reached our goal.

Reduction of the basic rental price

Frently can help you to reduce your basic rent if you are currently paying more than the legally permitted rental price of your room or apartment. The maximum permitted rental price can be calculated with a legal point system.
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Lack of Maintenance

If there are abt maintenance defects in your room, your landlord needs to repair them. If the landlord fails to repair the defects, we can temporarily reduce your rent based on these defects.
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Final settlement of service costs

Service costs are all costs you are paying to your landlord on top of the basic rental price. Your landlord is obliged to send you an overview of the costs he actually made for the house and he has to pay you back the overpaid amount.
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Reclaiming the deposit

A landlord has to pay back the deposit within a period of three months after your rental contract ended. If your previous landlord didn't return your deposit to you, Frently can help you to reclaim this amount.
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Objection against a rent increase

In april a lot of tenants receive a letter from their landlord with a proposed rent increase. Most people don't know that a rent increase is not even allowed. Make sure to object against an increase.
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Reclaiming the costs of the agency

An agency is not allowed to charge you for agency costs. It's the landlord who has to pay these costs. You probably did pay these costs since you wouldn't have gotten the house if you didn't pay. You can reclaim agency costs.
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