Size of living space

(living room, kitchen, bathroom, study room and bedrooms)


Size of other areas:

(storage, attic, cellar etc.)


* Do not count the surface of traffic areas such as hallway and corridor.

** Take measurements of the room 1.5m from the ground.

*** If the toilet is situated in the bathroom, then deduct 1 m2 of the total size of rooms.

Heating, energy certificate and year of construction

Number of heated rooms:

(a living room with open kitchen is considered to be listed as two separate rooms)

Number of other heated areas:

Energy certificate:

the energy certificate of your house can be found here

Year of construction of the house:

the construction year of your house can be found here


Length kitchen counter:

Kitchen appliances (check if applicable):

Built-in stove
Built-in ceramic stove
Built-in oven
Built-in microwave
Built-in extractor hood
Built-in fridge
Built-in freezer
Built-in dishwasher
Luxurious mixer tap
Double kitchen sink

Bathroom, sink and toilet

Number of toilets:

Number of sinks:

Bathroom facilities (check if applicable):

Shower and bathtub
Cabinet with built-in sink
Vanity cabinet with built-in light
Thermal mixer tap
Luxurious mixer tap
Shower cubicle

Outdoor space and type of accommodation

Size of private outdoor space:

Type of accommodation:

Single-family house:

Detached house
Corner house
Terrace house

Multi-storey dwelling:

Ground floor
1st floor with elevator
1st floor without elevator
2nd floor with elevator
2nd floor without elevator
3rd floor or higher with elevator
3rd floor or higher, no elevator